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Eye Candy

Eye Candy is a concept that came out of 2007 and 2008 Photo Shoots with some lovely young women that I knew around Athens, Ohio. They agreed to let me practice my photography on them in exchange for free photos.

We held photo parties - some lasted for up to 12 hours - and had an absolute blast.

In 2008 I heard someone refer to women as EYE CANDY. This insulted me, since the term meant that women were treats to behold by men. When I pondered the meaning of the term, it pissed me off more and more.

I wanted to own that phrase. I wanted to give it a new meaning. And I wanted to do this for all the women that I was photographing.

When we were at these photo parties, the photos weren't meant for someone to ogle over them. They were meant to increase a woman's self esteem, her confidence and her body acceptance.

It wasn't about taking sexy photographs for men, it was taking photographs the women felt sexy in!!

To get my point across to women (and even to men) I coined the our tagline (which as serves as our motto and brand)

    Because every woman should FEEL delicious!

And that is what Eye Candy now means ... to me and to ever woman I work with. They enjoy being an Eye Candy Girl, and I think my photography has developed into means of making all my clients and models feel delicious in their own skin. It is my job to show they on film, how I see them through my camera... and how I see each and every one of them is beautiful.

I love this work. I think it is a wondrous project of empowerment and progress. I have seen women come to my photoshoots as shy, timid creatures who change behind a bathroom door because they don't think their body is good enough to show others (and even to me!)... and by the end of the photoshoot, everyone is comfortable with each other, with themselves and with me. I swear to you, it happens every single time. Without fail. And I almost makes me cry each time because I'm a part of that transition.

I am truly a blessed woman to be part of that process.
I am thankful to all who trust and believe in me. Thank you all.

So now Eye Candy means something completely different, and I love the new meaning. It's loving yourself and thinking that you are one tasty diva.

Because to me, you are! And if you get in front of my lens, I'll prove it to you!


Terri Jean

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  1. Just read your article in the A News and had to check out your website. It's really great that you are empowering women in such a positive way. Thank you. ~ Charlotte