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Women often ask about my boudoir and pinup photo sessions. This FAQ should help answer some of your questions:
Can I show you some of my own ideas?
Absolutely!! Actually, I prefer that you do! Every woman is different and for me to know what tickles your fancy, I need to first see what images inspire you! By looking at them I can get a good idea what poses, lighting, editing styles and wardrobe you like. Forward these images to me via facebook or email a few days before your scheduled session. You can also bring copies to the shoot. A print-out would make a great guide for capturing your most desired photos!
Can you hide my _____?   or   Can you Photoshop my _____?
Whether you believe your flaw is a stretch marked belly, a defining nose or some extra padding… yes, I can use various positions, props, lighting, and then Photoshop to camouflage the features you want to tone down, all while emphasizing and accentuate all your positive qualities!

What should I bring to the session to wear?
1.      Bring your favorite outfits – you know, the ones you look great in! Bring extra and we will choose the best for your session. Plus, I have props and a wardrobe that may just have something to fit you!
2.      Be sure to bring the following colored underwear – flesh or nude, white and black. Why? Because we have some things in our wardrobe that you may want to wear, but you have to wear your own undies underneath. Plus, for shots these colors often go with our lingerie tops – which we have several. And the nude-colored undies also help if you want to appear nude in your photos, but feel a bit too modest.
3.      Your own accessories, high heeled shoes, corsets, garters, thongs or sexy undies, your cosmetics bag, hair brushes, push up bras, hair appliances.
And here’s some more fun ideas!
4.      Nylon and/or fishnet stockings.
5.      Cute and fun undies. Boy shorts.
6.      Your partners uniform, favorite sports jersey, work shirt, button down shirt, hat, etc.
7.      Jewelry – a strand of pearls (even fake ones) are a hit, as is long necklaces.
8.      Swimwear, sexy jeans, boots, cowboy hats, robes with a matching pantie/bra set, skirts, a dress with a slit 
     at the leg or a dress that is low cut.
9.      Sheer or thin tops or dresses.
.     A white tank top.
1  .  Though we have music for your shoot, if you make a mixed CD of songs that help you feel sexy, please.! Bring it in!
What do I wear to my shoot?
The best thing to wear is a loose-fitting button-down shirt or zip-up hoodie, with a loose-fitting bra or tank top underneath and baggy draw-string or pajama pants. Do NOT wear anything tight – such as a tight bra, jeans, exercise clothing, etc. Why? Because they can create marks on your skin that do not immediately pop out or fade away. Sometimes their indentations stay with you for the entire shoot. You want as flawless of skin as possible and wearing loose fitting clothes will help to accomplish that goal.
Is it okay to tan?
I can work with you with or without a tan. It’s up to you. But keep in mind that you may photograph red with a sunburn and a super dark tan will NOT photograph well, so avoid going all out. A simple tan without lines will work best, but like I said, so will your porcelain white skin!
          And if you’re using a spray tan be very cautious! Sometimes the camera will pick up dark spots that you may not see in your everyday life.
          Do NOT get a spray-on tan or use self-tanners or bronzers the day of the session. Even though you may be dry, it is still possible to discolor or stain my sheets, furniture, clothing, etc.
What if I don't know how to pose?
No worries! I will pose you! I have been doing this for almost 5 years. You gotta trust me, darlin'. I know how to make you look amazing!

Does the session have to be boudoir? Can it be something else?
Of course! I also offer Old Hollywood, Pinup, Fashion, Portrait, and Recreation photo sessions (Recreation meaning we recreate an iconic photograph)... as well as lots of other photos. If you can think it, we can do it!


What if I don't want to wear anything too naughty? Can you still make me look sexy with clothes on?
Absolutely! Flesh doesn't automatically make a photograph sexy... but a look can. You can convey sexiness with just your eyes... I've seen it done many, many times. And we will never do anything you're not comfortable with.
Can I bring a friend?
With the boudoir photo marathons, you are limited to just one friend - and that is if you absolutely have to because we may be limited on space (so ask ahead of time). For private shoots you can bring up to two girlfriends.


What if I like more photos than my package allows and I want to buy them?
You will choose the photos you want for your package, and additional photos will be available for an additional fee.

Will you show anyone my photos or use them on your blog?
To answer your first question, I am the ONLY person who sees your photos. I edit them and they are password protected on my computer. As for using them for promotional purposes or publishing them on my blog, that is by client permission ONLY. If you give me the go ahead to use them, then I most certainly will! Otherwise they will be with me and stored alongside the hundreds of other sexy lady photo shoots under lock and key.

The only exception to the rule is when you work as an Eye Candy model. You will then sign a TFP model release which says I own the photos and you were my model, and I can use them for promotional purposes. TFP means Time (or Trade) for Print. Eye Candy models can then use those photos for their own promotion and publication.

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