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Don’t fret if you have to do your own makeup! It’s honestly not as difficult as you might think. Here’s a few do’s and do not’s to consider:
Do: Use your makeup to make a statement, and to accentuate your best facial feature.
Do: Apply a heavier than normal coat of makeup. Think vamped up nighttime look.
Do: Apply a smooth base to your skin and blend it so it looks consistent on your face and neck, and blend down your chest. Remember to match your foundation to your chin and neckline.  If  it doesn’t match up, the camera may pick up where the color changes. 
Do: Bring several shades of lipstick (if you choose to wear lipstick) so you can change the color with each setting. If you are not wearing lipstick then bring a lip balm and a shiny lip gloss.
Do: Remember to powder. POWDER IS YOUR BEST FRIEND! Bring your own and powder your face throughout your session (just like they do on movie sets!). The powder will create a gorgeous matte finish which makes your skin look flawless. When applying, use a lighter shade under the eyes to help eliminate any dark circles or shadows.
Do: Apply blush a little heavier than normal… but be neat about it. And it’s better to under apply at first – letting me look at it through my camera – and letting you know if you need a bit more.
Do: Put a lot of time into your eyes! First, apply liner starting from the outside of the lower part of the eye and extend about ¾ length toward the inner part of the eye. Go lighter on the eye makeup but darker on the mascara. This will create a bedroom eye that’s mesmerizing. Start by applying the eye shadow to the upper eye lid, and then above the eye, and then blending up to the eyebrow. Lighter shade the higher you go. 
Do: Google youtube how-to videos on bedroom eye makeup techniques. Practice a few days before the photoshoot so you feel comfortable applying it on your big day. 
Do: Purple colors work well with green, hazel and brown eyes.
Do: Blue eyes look good with brown or taupe colors.  
Do: Apply eye shadow with shading that is rounded or winged.
Do: Dampen high quality eye powder and apply wet for heavier applications.
Do: Make eyes look bigger by sweeping a light shade over the lid and apply a darker shade on the outer corner of the lid to the crease.
Do: Lighter shades help the eyes to appear bigger while darker shadows make them look smaller.
Do: Elongate your eyes by outlining the eyes using an eyeliner on the outer side of upper AND lower lids, then tapering just a little bit on the outside of the eyes.
Do: Dab a bit of white or cream shadow in the middle of the brow bone to cause the eyes to look awake and to pop! And put a small amount on the inside of the eyes, near the tear ducts, to cause your eyes to look fresh and alert.
Do Not:  use any shiny or bright make-up that might cause reflection or glare during the photoshoot. 
Do Not: wear a bright white concealer under your eyes. This could show up as super white – and very noticeable – in the photo. Rather, go for just a few shades lighter than your normal skin tone. 
Do Not: think you’re wearing way too much makeup. I will tell you if you are, but most likely… you will not. Studio lights reduce the amount of makeup that shows up in the photo, so it’s good to put on some thick coats… mostly so it’ll just show up!
Do NOT: Wear black or dark lip liner! Your lip liner should always match your lipstick!
Do Not: wear blue eye shadow unless you have fair skin.
Do Not: match your eye color to your clothes or the color of your eyes. Attention will be drawn to your eyes due to the contrast in colors.
Do Not: wear frosted lipstick or eye makeup. It can look truly terrible in photos. 
Do Not: wear oil-based makeup because it may appear shiny. Opt for powder-based. 
Remember to bring your makeup with you to the shoot – especially mascara, powder and lipstick. 
Getting ready for the shoot
1.      Finger Nails - Make sure your nails look picture ready. Have a manicure and either paint them a neutral color such as cream or apply a clear top post. French tips photograph well and look quite sexy in photos. Feel free to use press on or false nails! Anything to make your hands look sexier!
2.      The toes - Get a pedicure or apply fake, press on toe nails.
3.      Skincare – The day before your shoot, exfoliate your entire body and then apply moisturizer.
4.      Moisturize your skin several days prior to the shoot. I recommend putting on lotion, or even baby oil, right out of the shower several times before your big day just to smoothen your skin and get it plumped and healthy looking. Coconut Oil and shea butter are great for keeping the skin glowing.
5.      Avoid skin breakouts – by staying away from new makeup, lotion or skin products because you could potentially have an allergic reaction. Do not use Retin A and Alpha Hydroxy creams because they may cause skin peeling.

6.      Leave acne be. Don’t poke and push and pop. I’d rather photoshop a dot than an entire reddened area. Just dab some acne overnight cream on it and hope for the best!
7.      Exercising the week of your shoot will help to rev up your circulation, improve the color in your face, and bring a glow to your skin!
8.      Limit the bad drinks. Watch how much soda pop, alcohol, and caffeine your drink the week before your shoot. These drinks can make your face appear puffy and dry out your skin. Rather, drink a LOT of water. Lots and lots of water!
9.      Shaving, Waxing and all that Unwanted hair - It is best to shave the day before your session – to reduce the chance of razor burn or bumps. If you must shave the day of your shoot, soak your body in warm water for at least 5 minutes. Then, using a moisturizing shaving gel and brand new razor blades, shave slowly and take your time! Waxing is the best route to take, but to avoid redness and irritation in your photos, allow 7-10 days between the waxing and your photo shoot. If you are using a chemical hair remover such as Veet or Nair, you need at least 7 days between the removal session and the photo shoot. If you are having laser hair removal, avoid having a session done on the same day as your photo shoot. Give it at least 3 days.
10.  Hands & Feet - Extra-moisturize your hands and feet by slathering on a LOT of lotion at night and sleep in socks and gloves. Be sure to wash dishes with dish gloves, if possible, and apply lotion beforehand so when you’re done, your hands will have received a nice, hot moisture treatment.

11.  Tweeze your eyebrows a few days ahead of time. Have them professionally done if you plan to change them radically before the shoot. I’ve seen too many clients reschedule their sessions because they got overzealous and tweezed their brows into a thin line… or literally tweezed them all except for a few hairs above their eyes. If you don’t know what you’re doing, consult someone who does because your eyebrows are pretty darn important.
12.  Teeth – It is a good idea to whiten prior to your session.
13.   Lips – Avoid dry, chapped lips by putting Vaseline or a deep penetrating lip balm on your lips the night before and up to moment you get ready for your shoot. Exfoliate your lips by brushing them with your toothbrush.
14.  Diet (To Avoid) – 72 hours before your shoot eliminate the following: Red meat, alcohol, caffeine, soda pop, beans, spicy foods, greasy foods, lots of salt and iodine, red wine and coffee (which can stain your teeth), and fast food. These things can make you look puffy and bloated. Not good.
15.  Diet (To Enjoy) – Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, yogurt, unsalted nuts, and a little bit of cheese.

16.  Avoid Cigarette smoke – which can devastate your shoot by causing your eyes to redden and puff. Plus smoking deprives your skin of oxygen and nutrients, making your skin look gray. Yuck!
17.  Sleep! – Have a good night’s sleep the night before the shoot. Avoid partying and drinking and staying up late the night before (and the night before that, if possible).
18.  Hair – If you dye your hair, have your roots color corrected before your session. It is also good to give your hair a good once over with a hair moisturizer.   
 The night before

1.      Collect everything you will need for your session the
        night before and have it packed and ready to go. Trust
     me… this will make you far less nervous (if you’re
     nervous at all) on your big day.
2.      Make sure you know where you’re going and have
     plenty of time to get there.
3.      Remove all tags from your lingerie and underwear, and
     tags and labels from your shoes.
4.      Pack your clothing so that they do not wrinkle.
5.      Put your jewelry into plastic baggies so they won’t get
6.      Go to bed early and get good nights sleep. You don’t
     want to be tired and puffy for your special day!
 The day of the shoot

1.      Make sure you eat!! (Though not big meals!) Foods such as yogurt, protein shakes, protein, salads, veggies, fruits, cheeses, crackers, nuts, and bunless burgers.
2.      Bring water and a snack – like a piece of fruit – if your session is booked for more than 2 hours.
3.      If your eyes seem puffy, apply cucumbers or tea bags over your eyes for a few minutes to dry to reduce the swelling. It is also okay to buy an over-the-counter cream that does the same thing. Apply it a few times before your shoot.
4.      Apply a LOT of lotion or oil the morning of your shoot, and an hour before your shoot. This will keep your skin looking fresh and plump, with a natural glow that will come across as silky smooth in your photos.
5.      Stay hydrated! Bring along some water and drink, drink, drink! I hydrated body photographs better and your skin appears healthier in each frame!
6.      Wear false eyelashes. Yes, they look fake in real life but in photos they will look amazing! They will give your eyes a sexy, glamorous shape and accentuate your eyes like nobody’s business.
7.      If you cannot figure out the false lashes, or if you’re doing your own makeup and there’s just not enough time, then purchase eyelash plumping, thickening and elongating mascara and go to town! Remember that all those mascara advertisers use false lashes and false advertising in their ads so your results won’t look like the photos… but it will be much better than plain mascara or nothing at all.
8.      Got a pimple on your big day? DON’T TOUCH IT!!! You will make it redder and bigger and harder to cover. But don’t fret – Photoshop will take all that away.
9.      Avoid using any deodorant which may stain clothing. Wear a gel deodorant as the white chalky deodorant will show in your photos.
10.  From the moment you get up, wear loose fitting clothing. Preferably – no bra and no panties (and no lines or indentations). No gym clothing, tight pants, and no elastic bands of any kind. Wear loose pants – like PJ bottoms or drawstring pants.
11.  Arrive on time or a few minutes early! This is extremely important. Your session may be one of several that day and the time allotted for your session is carved out just for you. Plus, if you’re rushed and running late, the stress may show in your photos.
12.  If you haven’t booked a hair and makeup artist, come camera ready.. or as close to it as possible. That way, it’s not eating up your time.
13.  If you have a hair and makeup stylist booked, then arrive with freshly washed and naturally dried hair (no straightening) and NO makeup. Just a fresh, clean face for our artist.
14.  If you’re arriving at a photo marathon, feel free to finish up prior to your session, as long as you come early and are camera-ready by your appointment.
15.  As for Pinup Parties – part of the fun is getting ready by and with your friends during the actual party! So while I set up my portable studio, you and your friends are getting yourselves ready for your many, many photos, poses, and costume changes!

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