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Nope... don't bring one with you!!
You've signed up for one of Terri Jean's Photo Marathon Shoots!

Get ready for an experience like no other!

Here's how it'll go... step by step...

1. You sign up for the event. Depending upon the situation, you may be required to pay a deposit upfront to hold your spot.

2. Read everything under the TIPS tab on this sites HOME page. You'll find a lot of helpful information about things like skin care, do's and don'ts, what to bring with you to the shoot, etc.

3. Come shoot-ready (meaning, hair and makeup done) to the photoshoot. This will help you to get your first session in sooner and, in some locations, there is not a whole lot of room for flatirons and such - or, like with outdoor sessions, there's no electricity available at all!)

              * Note: If your shoot includes hair and makeup, arrive with freshly washed (and air-dried) hair
                           and clean skin. No make-up or hair products.)

4. Arrive within your scheduled (blocked) time. Due to the number of clients attending these events, Terri Jean pre-assign's you with other clients in blocked time groupings. You are to have your shoots within that blocked time, in order to keep the day running smoothly.
4. Sign in. There will be a sign-in sheet ready for you plus your contract. Payment is expected prior to shooting and at the time you sign in. Terri Jean accepts local checks, cash and money orders. No credit card payments, please.

5. Your name will be added to the shooting list for Terri Jean. The list will include your number of outfit changes and with each photo session, notation for the changes will be made to the list - this keeps track of the wardrobe changes so that you are ensured to receive your full package. 

6. Prepare for your first photo shoot session. Bring clothes with you and look through the many pieces of wardrobe that will be supplied to you. Each item is clean and ready for wearing. I recommend starting with an outfit that covers a bit more at the beginning, when you may be feeling a bit shy or reserved. Believe me - that will change! You will soon lighten up and enjoy yourself... I swear! 

7. There will be a slumber-party feel to the shoot. It can't be helped. You will be getting ready with other women who share your allotted time slot. It will be fun - I guarantee it!
           Plus, feel free to enjoy the various drinks & snacks that will be there for you. 

8. Add your name to the shooting board. This will be like a sign-in sheet at a doctor's office. You'll add your name when you're ready, and Terri Jean shoots in the order that they are listed.
9. Terri Jean will shoot one backdrop or setting at at time, so that all of you lovely ladies will have an opportunity to have the photoshoot diversity that comes with each setting. 

10. Watch the Eye Candy Girls Models! - They will be there to help advise you on hair, makeup and wardrobe - PLUS they'll be getting their photos taken too. Watch them! See how they move and post! These girls know what they're doing and they were ALL just like you at one time.  

11. Terri Jean shoots quickly, and once she has the shot, she'll let you know. Then you're ready to change into your next wardrobe. When you're ready, add your name to the shooting board, and repeat!

12. When you're done with all your allotted wardrobe changes, gather up your things and make sure you don't forget anything! Return Terri Jean's wardrobe to the racks and any accessories to the accessory table. Be sure your email address is included on your contract and that you have your invoice copy which includes the dates your proofs will be ready!

13. When your photos have been edited, you'll receive a link and password to your on-line, private photo gallery. Go there to review your photos. Choose your package favorites (for The Quickie, for example, you get 5 photos) and email Terri Jean with their numbers. She will then email you full, digital copies along with a release to print.

14. Want more photos? You can also order extra photos right from your private photo gallery and have our professional labs print them for you! Costs will vary.

And that's it!! Your whole experience will take about an hour and less than 3 weeks to get your edited proofs!

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