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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tips to help you look thinner and healthier in photos

Your posture is the main key to look thinner no only in photos, but also as you walk through your daily life. Practice pulling your shoulders back and keeping your head held high. No need to walk around with a book on your head. This is a total distraction and quite unnatural.

If you are holding an object in the photo, hold the object over the area you wish to conceal. For example, accept awards near your belly to look thinner when the photo is snapped. Purses and jackets can be held in front of the body quite naturally to appear thinner.

The way you pose in front of the camera is important. To look thinner, put one foot in front, pointing your toe to the camera. In this position, place all your weight on your back foot. This allows you to look thinner by centering your weight away from the camera.

Slightly twist your hips away from the camera so that your hips are not square to the photographer. If your hips are at an angle, this helps to shrink your width and you will appear thinner.

Chin Lift
To avoid the double chin effect, push your chin forward toward the camera. This tip helps to elongate your neck, smoothing out the double chin and you'll look thinner.

Other tips
* Keep your shoulders back and chest up
* Place your hand on your hip
* Head up to minimize double chin. Stretch it forward.
* Don't press your arms to the sides.
* Stand sideways to the camera with chest up
* Cross legs while sitting
* Watch what is cloest to the camera - because that's what appears the larges.
* Look away from the camera and before the click, turn towards lens with a slight smile.
* Never snap photos from below. It adds 20-50 pounds to the 10 pounds automatically added by the camera. The photographer needs to shoot from sightly above, to smooth out the neck and make the face and body appear slimmer.
* Tans and fake tans make you look healthier and thinner.
* Wear black and white
* Wear an entire outfit in just 1 color
* Avoid wearing large amounts of white

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