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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So I've been giving the gallery space a whole lotta thought, and I think a space this big would be better suited for something like, well... a lingerie/ shoe/ clothing/ sexy costume/jewelry/ pinup/ rockabilly/ cabaret/ burlesque - ish boutique.

And I wanna call it DELISH !!

Pink pretty walls, lots of photos and clothes and little pretties to look at. Dance lessons in the evening - such as burlesque, hulahoop, bellydancing and flirty aerobics. Ladies Nights out parties with food and drink, music and no men to oogle everyone. Show women's artwork, and of course, sell delicious chocolates and other candies.

Plus, the photography studio would be in the back. We could bring in hair and makeup folks (hold lots of helpful workshops) and even do fun extra activities - like auctioning off some hot guys or hiring them to serve us at a swanky brunch.

hmmmm..... the possibilities are endless!!!

Okay ladies. If you're interested in this or anything else I do, send me an email to with NEWS in the subject line, and I'll sign you up for our new e-newsletter, The DELISH DIRT.

Cheers to you all!

Terri Jean

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