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Friday, February 5, 2010

How to dress for a Burlesque show!


We're attending another show on February 12th with Boxcar Burlesque at the Union in Athens at 10pm.

Many of you ladies have asked me for some ideas as how to dress a little - or a lot - burlesque(ish).

Here's a few photos to give you some ideas.....
And below are tips to get you started.
* Corsets
* Ribbons & bows
* Silk and satan
* Frilly underware and skirts
* Garters & Garter Belts
* Stockings
* HIgh heels
* Feathers
* Underclothes a little too small
* Suspender belts
* Red lipstick
* Eyeliner, smokey eyes, cat-like flicks in the outer corners
* Painted nails
* Retro hair
* Belts, corsets... anything to cinche in the waist
* French knickers
* Short fitted pencil skirts
* Crinolines
* Pasties
* Fake rhinestones
* Hair ribbons
* Flowers in your hair
* Dresses (either long or short... doesnt matter)
* Gloves

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