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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Goodbye Nelsonville!

Greetings ladies...

You may have already heard... but I'm leaving Nelsonville and moving my work elsewhere.

There are many factors going into this decision:

1. This town is far too conservative for a free spirit like me.

2. The building has major issues with leaking water, mold in the walls, and now electrical issues (with bolts shooting out of a power box outside the building and 911 being dispatched in the middle of the night).

3. I realized that I'm not one for a normal customer-based photography studio. I sit in this place, waiting for people to come in an make appointments far more than I'd like to. It's more like a store than a studio... and that is just not for me.

4. I want a home studio where I can work on projects and book shoots... and when I'm not, it's private and not open to the public several times a day.

5. I would like to move on, to another town, and see if I can find like-minds who really value art and artists.

6. The Nelsonville square is DEAD. I mean DEAD. No one comes here unless you pull them by the hand. I mean, clients and my girls and friends come out... but when you look outside there is basically no signs of life. There is such a super high turnover for this area. It's sad really. It's so pretty here... but it's nothing like what it seems. Sigh...

6. And finally, I fell in love with the Marilyn & Me project... and found my true passion. I want to make women feel beautiful.... to do more projects like that and to shoot more boudoir.

I want to follow my love for Eye Candy.  But first I'm going to take a VERY LONG SABBATICAL - to take a break, regroup, get a new foundation started, and move Eye Candy ahead.

Cause Mama T is very tired.

Love to you all and come in and see me while you can!




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