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Monday, December 3, 2012

Your Makeup

Don’t fret if you have to do your own makeup! It’s honestly not as difficult as you might think. Here’s a few do’s and do not’s to consider:

Do: Use your makeup to make a statement, and to accentuate your best facial feature.

Do: Apply a heavier than normal coat of makeup. Think vamped up nighttime look.

Do: Apply a smooth base to your skin and blend it so it looks consistent on your face and neck, and blend down your chest. Remember to match your foundation to your chin and neckline.  If  it doesn’t match up, the camera may pick up where the color changes. 

Do: Bring several shades of lipstick (if you choose to wear lipstick) so you can change the color with each setting. If you are not wearing lipstick then bring a lip balm and a shiny lip gloss.

Do: Remember to powder. POWDER IS YOUR BEST FRIEND! Bring your own and powder your face throughout your session (just like they do on movie sets!). The powder will create a gorgeous matte finish which makes your skin look flawless. When applying, use a lighter shade under the eyes to help eliminate any dark circles or shadows.

Do: Apply blush a little heavier than normal… but be neat about it. And it’s better to under apply at first – letting me look at it through my camera – and letting you know if you need a bit more.

Do: Put a lot of time into your eyes! First, apply liner starting from the outside of the lower part of the eye and extend about ¾ length toward the inner part of the eye. Go lighter on the eye makeup but darker on the mascara. This will create a bedroom eye that’s mesmerizing. Start by applying the eye shadow to the upper eye lid, and then above the eye, and then blending up to the eyebrow. Lighter shade the higher you go. 

Do: Google youtube how-to videos on bedroom eye makeup techniques. Practice a few days before the photoshoot so you feel comfortable applying it on your big day. 

Do: Purple colors work well with green, hazel and brown eyes.

Do: Blue eyes look good with brown or taupe colors.  

Do: Apply eye shadow with shading that is rounded or winged.

Do: Dampen high quality eye powder and apply wet for heavier applications.

Do: Make eyes look bigger by sweeping a light shade over the lid and apply a darker shade on the outer corner of the lid to the crease.

Do: Lighter shades help the eyes to appear bigger while darker shadows make them look smaller.

Do: Elongate your eyes by outlining the eyes using an eyeliner on the outer side of upper AND lower lids, then tapering just a little bit on the outside of the eyes.

Do: Dab a bit of white or cream shadow in the middle of the brow bone to cause the eyes to look awake and to pop! And put a small amount on the inside of the eyes, near the tear ducts, to cause your eyes to look fresh and alert.


Do Not:  use any shiny or bright make-up that might cause reflection or glare during the photoshoot. 

Do Not: wear a bright white concealer under your eyes. This could show up as super white – and very noticeable – in the photo. Rather, go for just a few shades lighter than your normal skin tone. 

Do Not: think you’re wearing way too much makeup. I will tell you if you are, but most likely… you will not. Studio lights reduce the amount of makeup that shows up in the photo, so it’s good to put on some thick coats… mostly so it’ll just show up!

Do NOT: Wear black or dark lip liner! Your lip liner should always match your lipstick!

Do Not: wear blue eye shadow unless you have fair skin.

Do Not: match your eye color to your clothes or the color of your eyes. Attention will be drawn to your eyes due to the contrast in colors.

Do Not: wear frosted lipstick or eye makeup. It can look truly terrible in photos. 

Do Not: wear oil-based makeup because it may appear shiny. Opt for powder-based. 

Remember to bring your makeup with you to the shoot – especially mascara, powder and lipstick.

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