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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Did you get an invite to my private photo party??

....the one to be held at my  house?

If so... lucky you!   <insert my grin here>

Invited to this very special Ladies Night party are good friends & special family members. And ya'll are getting the Friends & Family Photo Discount of 50% off the photo shoot!

Several photo areas will be set up through-out my house and each will  convey a specific feeling of romance and sexiness. Some will be private, others in an open area. You can choose one, two or all the sets! It's up to you!

There will be a designated dressing room - where I'll have 2 racks of clothing PLUS lots and lots of other clothing, accessories and props available on various tables here and there. 

Bring your own hair supplies and makeup. You'll get some help with it if you have any questions. Though we won't have a hair and makeup stylist at the house, some of the women attending are experienced in this area and offer helpful advice. Plus I'll be here to guide you!

We'll have music playing.... snacks out for nibbling... and drinks to get us in the mood. It'll be fun. Trust me! You will have a great time!

Don't worry if you're new to Ladies Night. Hopefully MY friends will become YOUR friends! ( I have GREAT taste in friends!)

Hope to see you there! RSVP and I'll send you more info with directions, tips, FAQ and more! 

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