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Saturday, January 26, 2013

What is an "on location" photo shoot ?

You may often see the label or heading ON LOCATION when viewing my photos and wonder what the heck that means...

Well, simply put, it means that I found a cool place to take photos and we bring our wardrobe, lights, reflectors, props, changing booth and so forth and meet up there for some shooting!

This could be in an abandoned building (one of my FAVORITE places to shoot), in a field, in the woods, at an event, at someone's house, at a lake, in a cave, along an old road, old graveyard, at a cabin or at a hotel, etc. I may even set up something - like bring out a couch to the middle of a field or create a goth-like backdrop at an old church - to add some flare.

It's a cool and unique opportunity for models and clients to shoot somewhere that's different and unique. The place often has its own personality, which only adds to the drama or beauty or romanticism of the theme. 

Some sites are a bit crazy - like shooting inside a cave or in an old cellar ... or out front a busy street, under a streetlamp - but the photoshoot will reflect my vision, and create something different for  the model or client.

If you want to be put on the mailing list for the shoots, go to CONTACTS and drop me a note. I hope to set some pretty cool backdrops and location settings up in 2013. I want to get a bit crazy. Hope you can handle it!

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