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Sunday, March 24, 2013

I am thrilled to announce our next location - for the May Boudoir Photo Marathon!!

 We are incredibly lucky to announce our May 18th Photo Boudoir Photo Party will be held at this gorgeous cabin at the Smoke Rise Rance just outside of Murry City!

I can only book 12 clients for the day and we'll shoot from morning till night - so we have a definite spot for you. We're bringing a wonderful lady who will help out with your hair and makeup, giving lots of tips and advice, and 4 full racks of clothing to play around with!! Dresses, pinup clothes, costumes and sexy nighties.

You will get 10 (yes 10!!) fully edited images....

And all of this for just $100!!! That's only $10 an image! Talk about a great deal!

So drop me a line so we can discuss holding your spot for the day. This is a gorgeous location and we'll be sipping champagne (or sparkling juice), nibbling on fruit and cupcakes,  and taking some amazing photographs!

It will be a lot of fun! Join us!!

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