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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

getting ready for tomorrow's 13 hour photo shoot. whew!

The big photoshoot is tomorrow! The second of the year thus far. If you missed this one, I will be holding a marathon shoot every month until November... so no worries lovelies.. you have plenty of time.

For my beautiful clients coming to the cabin shoot tomorrow, I'm sure I'm just as anxious as you are. Just so you know, I've added in more vintage slips and nighties. Here's just a few...

 Plus three different garter skirts (two are below). I believe the blue is XS, the black is M or L and the other one, not shown, is XL. Bring your stockings ladies!

 I can't wait to see you all tomorrow. Get some rest, don't overeat, watch the drinking, put some cucumber over your eyes and exfoliate. And read my tips sheet!

Until then...


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