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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Posing Tips for your best Photo~

One thing all professional models know is --- learning how to pose correctly is essential for a great photograph. And though there are a few women out there who can naturally move with the camera, for most models, it will be a skill that you LEARN over time.

I don't expect you to automatically know how to move, and it's up to me to teach you how to pose best for your body type. We BOTH want an amazing photo each and every time because - as the saying goes - if you don't look good, then I don't look good.

I have a few suggestions and tips that I'd like to share with my clients and models, in hopes you'll practice a bit before our next shoot:

1. Breathe. Don't hold your breath. I know this seems simple enough, but you would be surprised at how many women forget to breathe normally during a shoot. It can make you look tense and even angry... to breathe to appear more at ease and relaxed.

2. Watch your posture. Bad posture can make you look slumpy, dumpy and slouchy. It is NOT a good pose... nor is it sexy. Plus it can make you pop, pucker and poke out in areas where you want to appear slim and trim. Always remember to keep your back straight, your shoulders back and up, and your head tilted straight ahead - until I tell you otherwise. Pull in your stomach and flex it - to create definition.

3.  Watch your limbs. In modeling, you don't want everything to match. When things are off, the photo and pose are usually more interesting and artistic. If one arm is straight, the other arm needs a curve or a bend to it. If one leg is down, gently bend the other one. Or lean a bit to one side, or pull one shoulder ahead of the other. These are good general rules to follow - and only to be broken when the photographer has a certain pose in mind for you and may way both arms straight or both feet straight for a particular quirky look.

4. Don't always look into the camera. Sometimes you want to, but make sure you diversity your look by looking up, down, to the side, behind the photographer, or have your head back as though you are laughing. Mix up where your eyes are looking to make each photo unique.

5. MOVE!!! With every click of the camera, change your pose slightly. Maybe move your shoulder in, or look down at the ground, or smile and then look serious, or maybe move in towards the camera just a tad. But the goal is to MOVE and keep moving.. not fast, mind you, but enough so that every photo is a little different than the one before it.

6. Keep your face to the light. Unless the photographer tells you to look away from the light, then make sure it's falling on your face. Don't look away because it can create harsh shadows.

7. When sitting, shift your weight onto the back of ONE thigh. Don't make it equally fall on both, rather roll the hip so you are sitting on this ONE particular part of your body. It'll slim you instantly.

and the best tip would be...

8. Confidence is sexy! If you go into this shoot wanting to have fun and to feel free-spirited, it'll show in your photos. Try to calm down with deep breaths (and maybe some wine) before your photo shoot. We'll talk and get to know each other so your comfort level will increase. Just remember that I have shot MANY women since 2008 and just a mom and a grandmother who enjoys empowering women with a beautiful photograph of themselves that they were treasure for years to come.

If you have any questions of suggestions, please drop me a line or send me a text... especially those whom I've photographed. I'd love to hear the things that you've learned so we can share them with future clients and models!

Until then, cheers my darlings!



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