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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ladies... I have an interesting proposition for you!

It's like this.. my number is coming up.

And by that, I mean the number 44.

Oh yes, my sisters from other misters, I will be turning 44 this coming February 9th. Why is THIS particular number so important? Because I consider this my exact mid-life year. My beloved GG (great grandmother) lived to the not-so-old age of 88 and, because I've always strived to be just like her, I'd listed this as my probably end date... tho, it'll be a-okay if I go over it.

You see, getting older doesn't bother me in the slightest. What DOES bother me, is getting older and having nothing new or intersting to show for it. SOOOO... in that spirit, I have decided to do a self-portrait boudoir photoshoot for that chilly February day. Oh yes ladies, Terri Jean will turn the camera around and then show you all the many things you've shown me over the years.

Problem is, I have a LOT of these "many things" and, like many of you, want to get toned up - at least a little bit - before my big day.

Problem is #2 - I don't want to do it alone ... so... I offer you a challenge:

From July 9th to January 9th I'll be working out and reversing the effects of all those pizza slices, fruity girlie drinks and, sigh, cupcakes and I'm inviting you to join in with me! And yes, there will be a tasty treat waiting for you at the finish line!

Take a photo of your feet planted squarely on the scale so I can see your toes and your weight (I'll do it too!) on July 9th and then the same photo of your slimmer and fitter toes on January 9th, 2014 and send me the two photos. For every pound you lose, I will deduct $1.00 from a FIT TO BE TIED-themed sexy, sizzling photoshoot that will be held next February in a local hotel. There is a 50 pound/$50 max on this, so don't go all crazy on me and starve yourself! I love me a curvy lady!

To enter the challenge simply send an email to me at terrijeanphotography (at) yahoo . com (put but it all together) with "I'm Fit to be Tied!" in the heading! Then you're added to the list. You can also join the Fit to be Tied private Facebook group.

Oh... and the Fit to be Tied theme? <insert giggle here> This shoot will be all about bow ties, your man's  ties, untying things and (ahem) getting tied up. Like I said, it'll sizzle!

Join me today and let's get even sexier together!

Hope to hear from you soon!



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