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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Come and try out for Eye Candy!

So, all you lovely ladies out there. If you're interested in joining the Eye Candy Girls, then show up at the Oct 5th Appalachian Color in the Hills Festival (Glouster Ohio) 11am-5pm for an audition.

Come dressed up as a 40's or 50's country cutie and work with us at the event (we'll be acting like a little carnival - handing the kids and playing games with them). It'll be lots of fun and a great way for us to see how you can style yourself, how you interact with the public, how you interact with the Eye Candy Girls, how you photograph, and your work ethic!

It won't be hard, believe me, but it will be fun!

If you're interested, find me on facebook   ----->    <-----
and mention you found me on this blog! Then message me ASAP.

Thanks so much and I hope to see lots of you out and about on the 5th!


Terri Jean

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