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Thursday, October 10, 2013

"You're internet famous!" repeated once again... but this time, in a really, really good way.

Caitlin Seida is once again the buzz of the internet. But this time, it's on her own terms.

Earlier in the year, Caitlin had a private photo of her having a great time dressed as Laura Croft for a local Halloween event was made very public when her photo was used as a meme for those who enjoy poking fun at others. The photo seemed to be everywhere, and as it was shared, tweeted, commented upon and shared again, Caitlin could see every little thing that occurred with that photo. She could see who shared it and what they said on their Facebook page about her. Many said "This will be you someday!" or that nothing is funnier than a fat girl squeezed into a tiny costume.

Though some stood up to the onslaught of nasty comments, most stood up for the bullies - saying that, in some way, people like Caitlin deserve the mockery and public ridicule because of their size. Here's one such response who acknowledges that the site she is for HATERS, so it's okay to "laugh it up."
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An actual snipped copy of a comment from the Facebook page that published the photo.

So after sending out legal notices to get the photo off-line, and then recuperating from such a devastating blow, Caitlin did what Caitlin does - she wrote about it! published it earlier this month. And since then, it's gone viral. Again.

It made Channel 10 Evening News in Columbus.

Yep. That's the lovely Kristyn Hatman sitting in my son's chair in our homeschool room. My son, of course, was thrilled.

And it has been tweeted and retweeted....

And it's been on Yahoo News, The Stir, and dozens more.
She's been interviewed on the radio all the way to Ireland!

And now, she's in print - here in our hometown community in Southeastern Ohio. I haven't seen the stories yet, except online, but I'll post some pics after I nab a few copies.

Caitlin is the epitome of Eye Candy. She didn't break... she healed and came back fighting. I applaud her and am proud to be her friend. It takes real guts to weather through a storm of hatred, but she came through it just fine. That's what strong, self-confident women do best.

But I knew she would. And I knew that once she wrote about it, that she would make a real difference and it would be a big hit. I kept telling her so... because only Caitlin can go viral twice with the same embarrassing photo - and kick the first one in the ass (like an good super heroine would!)

By the way, the folks who make Tomb Raider feel that SHE'S the hero! Oh yes! They're sending her some thank you gifts. Now how's that for a happy ending?

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