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Thursday, July 4, 2013

An extra special treat... a photo shoot I don't usually do as a marathon shoot

Next on the agenda is a sexy water photoshoot. Yes... we're talking out in the woods AND one near White's Mill in Athens - if the water is safe enough (and not flooding that week).

My two locations - weather/water permitting - will be at the Moonville Tunnel near Lake Hope and White Mill. You can do simple wet clothing/tshirt shots, photos in bathing suits, old fashioned photos like the images from Oh Brother Where Art Thou's Sirens washing clothes in the river (I have props for that) or simple boudoir photos where you undress and get wet. Most of the water is NOT deep. Maybe mid calf or less at Moonville. White's Mill has sand bars and rocks to model on and would be perfect for bathing suits.

Contact me on facebook for more info! Spaces will be limited for both shoots.

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