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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Water shoot at the end of this month... 2 of them!

 Interested in looking gorgeous and having a water photo shoot that's unique, sexy and cool!?

We have two locations to offer this year. One is at the Moonville Tunnel (near Lake Hope) and of the two, it is the most private.. The second will be at White's Mill in Athens.

Though Farmer's Almanac says it will be hot this week with a chance of SOME thunderstorms, it does seem to be the best weekend to tentatively try and book this shoot.

This is a MARATHON QUICKIE photo shoot, meaning you get

`1) about 30 minutes of total time behind the camera

2) you need to come camera ready (there will not be hair and makeup stylists, tho I will be there to give tips and advice)

3) there will be other women at the shoot at the same time as you, getting ready and taking turns behind the camera.

4) you get 4 looks - meaning we will try to create 4 photos that are not all the same pose, viewpoint, or look.

5) You cannot get naked to change at this shoot. It is in a public place (tho somewhat private). You must have layers on. If you are wearing a sundress, underneath have your non-see-though bra and panty set or a swimsuit .. so we can transition into another shoot.

6) This will be an OUTDOOR photoshoot and yes - there will be bugs and mosquitos. It is vital that you wear bug spray to the shoot AND BRING IT WITH YOU to reapply after being in the water.

7) You WILL get wet. You might get your entire body (including your hair) wet.

8) Wear shoes you can walk in a creek in. You WILL be traveling up creek a little ways from the Moonville Tunnel

9) Directions are below.

10) I will also be bringing some props - such as a washtub - so we can redo the siren scene from Oh Brother Where Art Thou. You will need a VERY light colored dress and something sexy underneath. It will be an incredibly sexy shoot!

Here's a pic of me, in my 20's, swimming down at the deep part of Moonville. We'll be shooting in the stream part. But this photo is the inspiration and idea for the shoot! I had a great time there!


To get to Moonville Tunnel, from State Route 93-

Take State Route 56 to State Route 278 south-following the signs toward Lake Hope State Park.
You will pass the iron furnace on the right and then the park lake. After the lake, make the first left on to Wheelabout Road. Almost immediately, the road will fork-veer to the left side of the fork. Follow this road until you get to a metal, one-lane bridge crossing over Raccoon Creek.

Just before the bridge and on the left, you will see a pretty well-worn dirt trail that will lead along the bottomland and then up a gravel incline to the old tracks. The Moonville Tunnel is on the left.

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