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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The birth of the Eye Candy Girls!

 This is how it happened:

It was 2008. I made business cards (see the bottom of this post) and had a tiny little basement "studio" in Athens. I was shooting pinups and boudoir and had this lovely group of wonderful and beautiful ladies at my disposal to model for me to build my portfolio.

I wanted a way to reach the public and gain some media attention as well. Boogie on the Bricks was coming up so... an idea was born!

Why don't my lovely ladies dress up as pinups, take buckets of my business cards to the streets with little suckers tied to them, and hand them out in Athens at the Boogie on the Bricks! We could then dance to the Royales - which played music that fit the girls outfits perfectly - and then poof! Disappear into the night, making everyone wonder who the girls were and where they went.

This is exactly what we did and, yes, it was a huge hit. They were photographed, admired, danced with and even made it into the newspaper.

And with this - The Eye Candy Girls - were born.

Handing out the business cards and suckers was such a HUGE hit!

Dancing on Court Street... getting LOTS of attention!

Afterwards, it was a great night and we all had a lot of fun.

 Our first business cards! We passed them out with the sucker and asked women if they wanted to FEEL delicious. Boom! The campaign was born!

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